Tips to Boost Office Productivity with a “Back-to-School” Mindset

Summer ending signals the start of back-to-school season, and while you may have said goodbye to your school days years ago, it’s easy to recall the energy, excitement and fresh possibilities a new school year provides. Why not capture some of this back-to-school magic and channel it into your professional life?

Here are some ways to apply a back-to-school mindset to your office life for an extra boost of motivation and productivity.

Trip Communication

You’re sitting down for dinner when you check your phone for the tenth time since you got home. Every time you look at the time, you do a quick conversion in your head, “if it’s 7pm here, then what time is it there?” Every buzz, ding, and notification you get sends you scrambling for your phone or laptop. Having your traveler out of the office and on the road can give even the most seasoned admins mini heart-attacks. The best cure for these heart attacks? CPR.