Stand Out—In a Good Way—at the Office

Standing out at work can be difficult, especially if you’re on a big team or at a company where high standards are the norm. No matter the size or culture, setting yourself apart is crucial for success in the workplace.


Building a Powerful Personal Brand

Delegates and readers often ask me why a powerful personal brand matters and the answer is very simple. We live in a world of more individuals and companies competing for the same resources, the competition leads to two different paths… you need to be cheaper, the same and faster, or you need to be special and different—and hence more expensive.

Self-motivated Millennials, Gen Z Workers Can Rise Above Negative Stereotypes

by Traci L. Fiatte, Group President, Randstad US Some perceptions about the work ethic of Millennials are just plain wrong. Millennials have proven to be eager workers, focused on advancement and contributing to their companies and the economy. But just as important, they have positively disrupted conventional workplace practices due to their insistence on true…