START with This: Quick, Cheap, and Dirty Proofreading Tricks

Quick tips proofing that you might want to read again and again.


Not Sure If It’s One Word or Two?

by Barbara McNichol Editor of Word Trippers When you are proofreading your writing or a colleague’s work, chances are you question if a phrase should be two words versus one. For example, should you write “backyard” or “back yard”? Because no one rule covers this, it’s essential to look these up: Examples rooflines (not roof lines)…

When “Start” Begins to Creep into Your Writing

  by Barbara McNichol Editor of Word Trippers Do you have a habit of frequently starting a sentence with the word “start” or “begin”? Recently, in a 5,000-word document I edited, those two words appeared 14 times, while only five were deemed necessary. To be more direct with your writing, skip the “start” part and remember…